Trademark Registration

Trademark Application

Visualize the blue ‘F’ of Facebook or the a bitten “apple” of Apple and you’ll realize that a trademark brands your business, product or service in a significant way. That’s why trademark is important.

What is a Trademark ?

A trademark is an identifiable mark, design or even a word which identifies a product or a services of a particular business. As soon as you have applied for the trademark, you can use the ™ symbol next to your name. And after the trademark registration is complete can you use the ® symbol.

What is a Trademark ?

Trademark gives your brand great protection and value in the market.

How do I register a trademark ?

  • Fill a simple form on the website to give us some essential information
  • We prepare an authorisation letter, which you need to sign
  • You are sorted, trademark will be filled in 12 hours.

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