Profession Tax Registration

Profession Tax

Profession Tax, as the name implies, is a tax which is levied on income earned by a person engaged in any profession or employment.

Who needs to register ?

A Company, LLP , Partnership firm, Proprietor or any employer paying salary to more than one employee wherin the salary exceeds Rs 2500 per month are liable to obtain the professional tax number within 30 from date of liability to pay tax.

For self employed professionals, an enrolment certificate must be obtained.

Profession Tax Application

For obtaining the Registration Certificate, several forms have to filled up issued by Professional tax authorities. For example, for registration of a Company, the employer has to submit documents such as the MOA, Board Resolution for authorised signatory, number of directors, employees etc. with the form.

Penalties and interest in case of failure to register and pay

In case the employer or the enrolled person delays in payment of profession tax, then he shall have to pay a simple interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof on the amount due up to 31.03.2002 and the rate of tax for the same is 1% w.e.f 1.04.2002.

How do I register ?

  • All you have to do is fill a simple form on the website and give us some essential information of your line of work/business.
  • We will prepare an authorization letter which you need to sign.
  • Thereon, we will file the required documents with the Department of Professional Tax.
  • Thereafter you will be issued a professional tax number accompanied by a certificate of Professional Tax registration by the department.

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